Project Champions Approach

We believe the keys to a successful partnership with our clients are communication, trust, transparency, measurement, and execution.  We spend extra time at the start of each assignment with our clients to define what we need to do to ensure we have a successful outcome.  Here is the extra value we bring in to every assignment.

High Quality Planning and Execution

Getting Ready for the Change

Improving Your Team

Project Champions
Project Champions
Project Champions

We use an Iterative approach to deliver high quality projects eliminating non value activities, allowing processes to operate at increased levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

We use change management principles on every project to:

  • Share and clarify with stakeholders to address conflicts and issues;
  • Avoid cost overruns and reduce risk;
  • Ensure faster speed of adoption, higher ultimate utilization and higher proficiency increasing ROI;
  • Engage stakeholders to take ownership of the change and move forward.

We bring expert skills to every project, with a focus on ensuring that knowledge transfer occurs.

We enable our clients to leverage existing staff, optimize productivity and build cohesive teams by providing senior consultants who are “coaches” at heart.

Provide Predictable Results

We Support Our Team

Free Project Delivery Tools

Project Champions
Project Champions
Project Champions

Using our proven Risk Management processes and Risk Response library results in potential problems being identified and managed before the problems actually occur.

We support our consultants with a collaborative approach designed to optimize client, vendor, and other 3rd party resources; by being honest and using a non-threatening candid style based on high integrity.

We bring our free extensive integrated project management toolbox to support and strengthen what you already have in place at no cost to you. We scale the amount of project management to the size and complexity of the project.