Delivery Improvement

How can my Team deliver the right things better?

We find most clients are doing most of it right but may need some help strengthening a project delivery area or developing a long range plan for their area of responsibility. In this fast pace, hectic world, Managers have little time for planning and implementing continuous improvement.

Project Champions can assist you to create a plan that works using the following process:


Assess your organization’s current delivery capability, your desired future level, and the targeted areas in which your investments should be focused in order to advance.

Define the appropriate target level varies for each organization based on specific goals, strategies, resource capabilities, scope, budget and needs.


Develop specific recommendations and a sequenced roadmap that provides realistic milestones for short and long-term process improvement activities.

Work with you to ensure that the plan also addresses change enablers that will help overcome cultural barriers.


Provide guidance and implementation support to quickly deploy the improvement recommendations.

Work with you and your team to leverage our collective assets and experience to expedite your organization’s maturity advancement.

Here some areas we have helped our clients improve:

  • Portfolio Demand Management
  • Software Evolution Road map
  • Cost effective consulting models
  • Improvement of Procurement processes and policies
  • Project Portfolio Management practices
  • Standardizing and enhancing Project and Requirements Management processes
  • Coaching/Mentoring Delivery staff to become more effective